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Powerful 8-bay NAS with RIP function to back up your CD, DVD, Blu-ray Blu-ray 3D and 4K UHD discs. Perfect for enjoying multi-room audio and video (including movies and TV shows) throughout your home. Reliably store and protect from damage every bit of your movie and music collection with the touch of a button.
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Rvolution NAS

Easily back up your music and video library and enjoy it in every room of your home.

Store your video and audio discs

Powerful 8-bay NAS with RIP function to back up your CD, DVD, Blu-ray Blu-ray 3D and 4K UHD discs. Perfect for enjoying multi-room audio and video (including movies and TV shows) throughout your home.

Thanks to powerful video processing technology and the Media Center R_video application, the Rvolution NAS allows you to create a dematerialized audio/video library from your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D discs . and 4K UHD Blu-ray. The Rvolution NAS dematerializes your music and videos and stores them on hard drives, without compression or loss of quality. The Rvolution NAS is highly scalable and capable of continuing to operate even after a drive failure, without loss of content.

Our movie database named R_video Db contains data on over 1,200,000 movie titles including DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, 4K UHD and 2,000,000 CD albums from around the world whole.

As your collection grows, you can add additional discs to increase the storage capacity for your video and audio content. A single Rvolution NAS offers storage capacity of up to 192,000 CDs, 19,200 DVDs, 3,200 Blu-rays or 2,000 4K UHD discs. Multiple Rvolution NAS servers can be consolidated into a single system to store thousands of video and music content. ​

The Rvolution NAS provides secure storage for your collection using professional disk storage technology called RAID-5. In the event of a disk failure, data is automatically restored to the spare disk, without loss of content. The failed disk is replaced without shutting down the server or interrupting current reads. ​

The Rvolution NAS delivers movies, audio and video content, over a standard home network, simultaneously to Rvolution players throughout the home. Once CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and UHDs are stored on the Rvolution NAS, you can enjoy them immediately from any Rvolution player in your home.


Storage equivalence capacities:

1 x 16 TB = 200 4K UHD Blu-rays / 400 Blu-rays / 2,400 DVDs / 24,000 CDs

2 x 16 TB = 400 4K UHD Blu-rays / 800 Blu-rays / 4,800 DVDs / 48,000 CDs

3 x 16 TB = 600 4K UHD Blu-rays / 1,200 Blu-rays / 7,200 DVDs / 72,000 CDs

4 x 16 TB = 800 4K UHD Blu-rays / 1,600 Blu-rays / 9,600 DVDs / 96,000 CDs

5 x 16 TB = 1,000 4K UHD Blu-rays / 2,000 Blu-rays / 12,000 DVDs / 120,000 CDs

6 x 16 TB = 1,200 4K UHD Blu-rays / 2,400 Blu-rays / 14,400 DVDs / 144,000 CDs

7 x 16 TB = 1,400 4K UHD Blu-rays / 2,700 Blu-rays / 16,800 DVDs / 168,000 CDs

8 x 16 TB = 1,600 4K UHD Blu-rays / 3,200 Blu-rays / 19,200 DVDs / 192,000 CDs ​

1 x 20 TB = 250 4K UHD Blu-rays / 500 Blu-rays / 3,000 DVDs / 30,000 CDs

2 x 20 TB = 500 4K UHD Blu-rays / 1,000 Blu-rays / 6,000 DVDs / 60,000 CDs

3 x 20 TB = 750 4K UHD Blu-rays / 1,500 Blu-rays / 9,000 DVDS / 90,000 CDS

4 x 20TB = 1000 4K UHD Blu-rays / 2,000 Blu-rays / 12,000 DVDs / 120,000 CDS

5 x 20TB = 1,250 4K UHD Blu-rays / 2,500 Blu-rays / 15,000 DVDs / 150,000 CDs

6 x 20 TB = 1,500 4K UHD Blu-rays / 3,000 Blu-rays / 18,000 DVDs / 180,000 CDs

7 x 20 TB = 1,750 4K UHD Blu-rays / 3,500 Blu-rays / 21,000 DVDs / 2,10,000 CDs

8 x 20 TB = 2,000 4K UHD Blu-rays / 4,000 Blu-rays / 24,000 DVDs / 240,000 CDs ​

Multiple Rvolution NAS can be stacked to store even more video and audio content.

The Rvolution NAS is accessible from a computer from your local network and allows you to store existing personal files.

CD, DVD, Blu-ray and UHD discs!

The built-in optical disc drive supports fully automated bit-by-bit backup of your 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs. Open the Blu-ray player tray. Insert your disc and voilà! The Rvolution NAS does all the work for you! There is nothing else to do! Once your disk is extracted and saved in the internal memory of the Rvolution NAS, it is ejected and you can simply insert another one.


Then, for films and TV shows, R_video collects cover art and various information to generate a feature-rich user interface, accessible from any room with an R_volution media player connected to a TV or projector . R_video's on-screen user interface is also displayed at 60 frames per second, allowing for smooth animation and stunning visual impact. Movies can be resumed or played from the opening scene without going through warnings, advertisements or disc menus. ​


For your music, R_video collects the album cover and the artist thumbnail. You will then be able to access your music from any room in your house, equipped with a Rvolution multimedia player but also from most audio players or connected speakers available on the market. Such as: audio systems from the SONOS or OPPO brands. You can also access the music collection from your computer. ​

NOTE: The RIP function works with 95% of discs. Indeed, for various reasons, some discs may not be readable or impossible to scan or extract by R_video.

The best possible quality

Attention obsessive movie buffs and die-hard music lovers. The Rvolution NAS is the solution for you! It offers the best possible image and sound quality. So whether you have a large home theater to fill with cinematic bliss or a sound system with a tuned ear for divine sound, we've got you covered. Rvolution saves your movies and TV shows in an uncompressed, bit-perfect format for the best possible experience, including 10-bit, HDR, BT.2020, HEVC in stunning 4K UHD resolution with Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master Audio and original DTS:X audio tracks and high quality subtitles in any language. And your audio CD discs are recorded in FLAC and ALAC (Lossless) format for astonishing high-fidelity sound quality.

Easy upgrade and security

If your total storage is not enough, you can expand it. The Rvolution NAS is an expandable NAS. And you can benefit from personalized and premium user support, to easily install additional drives and configure the storage system in RAID 5*. The Rvolution NAS features hardware RAID to prevent data loss and improve performance. There will also be more advanced features when using hardware RAID, such as hot-swapping your drives in the event of a drive failure. ​

*RAID 5 consists of block-level striping, with parity information distributed between disks. If a single disk fails, subsequent reads can be calculated from distributed parity such that no data is lost. RAID 5 requires at least three disks.

Multi-room video

Enjoy movies and TV shows throughout your home by adding Rvolution media players and play Blu-ray quality movies on up to 3 zones simultaneously in stunning UHD quality. Each player works independently so you can watch different movies in different rooms of your home.


Multi-room audio

Bedroom. Kitchen. Living room or bathroom. You can enjoy your audio collection in any room in your home. Of course, you can use a Rvolution media player to stream your audio content but also other audio devices and connected speakers from other brands like Sonos or Bluesound for example. Then you can control it via your tablet, smartphone or computer using your favorite app like Sonos, Bluesound or Roon. The CD tracks are converted to FLAC and ALAC for high fidelity quality (lossless) but also to MP3 for wider compatibility!

Plug and Play installation and easy access

Plug and Play network setup: Simply connect your Rvolution NAS to a power outlet and your local network. The Rvolution NAS is plug and play. You don't even need to set any network configuration. Each Rvolution media player connected to your local network will automatically detect the Rvolution NAS.

Easy Access: Easily access the Rvolution NAS from a computer connected to your local network and easily copy your personal content to the Rvolution NAS using the copy and paste function. You can also manage folders and files stored on your Rvolution NAS using the Rvolution media player remote control (copy, paste, cut, rename, delete...).​ ​

Uncompressed video backup

Backup (rip): The Rvolution NAS can automatically back up your movies and TV shows in 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD formats (rip). To back up a movie or TV show, simply insert a 4K UHD, Blu-ray or DVD disc into the optical drive on the bottom of the Rvolution NAS. Once the movie is recorded, the disc is ejected. DVD, Blu-ray and UHD discs are dematerialized into virtual disc (ISO format) to preserve the original quality of the image and sound. No recompression is applied and all movie soundtracks, chapters and subtitles are recorded. Note: It is possible to rip multiple discs at the same time using an optional external disc transport (4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs) connected via USB.

Automatic configuration: Automatic creation of the FILMS and TV SERIES folders and the Rvolution collection. Automatically configure the movie/TV show folder path to access videos.

Automatic identification: Automatic identification process when launching the R_video application on one of the Rvolution media players connected to your local network. R_video automatically retrieves for each video content its cover (poster), a wallpaper, the synopsis of the film, technical information, and various information such as actors, director, duration, release date, rating, etc...

Automatic Categorization: All movies and TV shows are automatically indexed and associated with one or more categories (genre). You can then apply filters and sorting functions to more easily find a specific film (alphabetical order, release date, date added, rating, duration, unreleased films, etc.).

Editing and deleting movies: Edit all text, information and images or delete a movie or TV show directly using the remote control*.

Video playback features: On 4K UHD or Blu-ray, access the movie directly and instantly without having to deal with alert messages and trailers. Directly access a percentage of the total duration of the film using buttons 1 to 9* (1% to 90% of the total duration) and quickly access a specific duration of the film with the timeline with direct access to the using the Left / Right buttons*. * Using the Rvolution Media Player remote control (Rvolution Media Player not included).​ 

Lossless audio backup

Backup (rip): The Rvolution NAS automatically backs up your CDs (rip). To back up a CD, simply insert the disk into the optical drive located at the bottom of the Rvolution NAS. Once the album is recorded, the disc is ejected. CDs are recorded in FLAC and ALAC format for the best quality but also in MP3 format for greater compatibility. Note: It is possible to rip multiple discs at the same time using an optional external disc transport (4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs) connected via USB.

Automatic identification: Automatic analysis of albums.

Automatic categorization: Tracks are placed in an album folder and album folders are placed in artist folders.

Covers and thumbnails: Automatic download of artist thumbnails and album art.

Add personal music files: Add your personal or downloaded music and organize it the way you want. Most audio formats are supported such as WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, AC3, DTS MPEG, AAC, LPCM, APE, M4A, VSELP, Ogg/Vorbis.

Custom Album Covers: Edit or add custom images. For example, you can add a photo of the background cover scanned from the CD case or replace the artist's photo with one downloaded from the Internet. Warning! While all photo sizes can be displayed on the Rvolution media player, we recommend using a square aspect ratio up to 500 x 500 resolution for better compatibility and faster display (the Sonos app accepts up to 1024 x 1024 and Rvolution up to 3840 x 3840). Images that will be used as thumbnails for artists and albums should be named “folder.jpg”. Additional images such as the back of the album cover, the CD case photo or the interior pages of a booklet can be renamed differently.

Musical slideshow function: For live concerts, it is possible to display a musical slideshow. Simply place the concert photos in the album folder and click on the first image. A beautiful music slideshow with dynamic camera and fading effects will appear on your TV. To change the audio track while the slideshow is playing, please press the PAGE + / PAGE- buttons on the remote control of the Rvolution player.

Delete and rename: Delete or rename your folders and tracks using the remote control.

Audio playback functions: Shuffle play, folder play, title repeat, playlist repeat.

Connected speakers and audio players: Audio files are generated in several formats; album covers and artist thumbnails are standardized to allow compatibility with most audio players and connected speakers on the market such as Sonos. Thus, music files are accessible in multi-room and controllable from a tablet or smartphone via applications dedicated to connected devices (for example the Sonos application). You can also play your audio files with a connected computer using your favorite audio software.

ROON Server (coming soon): The new Rvolution NAS offers full integration with the ROON server as an option; ROON is one of the favorite apps among audiophiles around the world. By its ability to collect and identify all local music files and HD streaming music services. Added to this is the Rvolution NAS and its high-protection RAID storage system (up to 140 TB). This is the ideal place to store all your music files in GAPLESS and directly accessible via the ROON server.

Technical specifications

Hot swap : 8x hot-swappable trays. Hard drive: 8x 3.5" SATA (not included).

RAID : 0, 1, 5 and JBOD (Hardware-based RAID) Hot swap disks: One at a time.

Optical reader : UHD, Blu-ray (2D & 3D), DVD and CD.

Ethernet : 10/100/1000 Mb/s.

Power supply : 650 ​​W 1U Flex/1U - 100 V-240 V 50/60 Hz.

Operating humidity : 20% ~ 80% / Operation 0°C~40°C.

Operating temperature : Storage -40°C~65°C.

Consumption : 62W

Net weight : 10 Kg / 22 lbs (with box / without hard drives), 9 Kg / 19.8 lbs (without box / without hard drives).

Dimensions : 316 x 285 x 208 mm / 12.4 x 11.2 x 8.2 inches (width x depth x height).

EAN code : 3760115010192

Taric code : 8528 52 10 00

Accessories ​

Power cable

Quick installation guide


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