When Bill Low created AudioQuest in 1980 it was really just a small variation of the audio activities he had started in 1972 when at school. He wanted the best audio sound then and we are pleased to say nothing has changed! AudioQuest products are absolutely 1st Class.

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When Bill Low created AudioQuest in 1980 it was really just a small variation of the audio activities he had started in 1972 when at school. He wanted the best audio sound then and we are pleased to say nothing has changed! AudioQuest products are absolutely 1st Class.


The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) standard was created to transfer uncompressed digital audio and video. An HDMI cable's many internal conductors include communication channels, which allow automatic display and source matching for resolution, format, and aspect ratio.

Several revolutionary capabilities appearing on HDTVs and HD-capable components are placing greater demands than ever on HDMI cables and connections. AudioQuest Chocolate is one of the new breed of HDMI cables rated "High Speed with Ethernet." Connecting your components with AudioQuest Chocolate is a great way to prepare your system for the most cutting-edge audio and video available today, as well as what's on the way. Plus, its superior build quality means you'll enjoy superb picture and sound from your home theatre system.

Solid 2.5% Silver Conductors: The 'Chocolate' cable uses solid 2.5% Silver-Plated LGC (Long-Grain Copper) conductors to eliminate inter-strand distortion and reduce jitter effectively making sure your components get all the picture and sound information something that is difficult if not impossible for low budget cables and even more so in longer lengths. Solid silver-plated conductors are excellent for very high-frequency applications, like HDMI audio and video. These signals, being such a high frequency, travel almost exclusively on the surface of the conductor. As the surface is made of high-purity silver, the performance is very close to that of a solid silver cable, but priced much closer to solid copper cable.  

Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation: Any solid material adjacent to a conductor is actually part of an imperfect circuit. Wire insulation and circuit board materials all absorb energy (loss). Some of this energy is stored and then released as distortion. Chocolate HDMI uses air-filled Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation because air absorbs next to no energy and Polyethylene is low-loss and has a benign distortion profile. Thanks to all the air in Foamed-PE, it causes much less of the out-of-focus effect common to other materials.

High Speed Data Capacity: All AudioQuest HDMI cables up to 10 metres (32.8') meet or exceed the 10.2 Gbps maximum data rate for HDMI and are approved High Speed cables. This means that all AudioQuest cables up to 10 metres are capable of transmitting 100% of the data required for all of HDMI's current audio/video features including multichannel high-resolution audio, 1080p and 4K video, and 3D video from Blu-ray. All AQ HDMI cables will deliver 100% of the data required for 120Hz/240Hz/600Hz displays. AudioQuest HDMI cables that are 12 metres and longer are Standard Speed and will not support 4K.

Note: 4K or Ultra-High Definition Support enables video resolutions of upto 4096 x 2160 pixels which are way beyond current 1080p technology. Audioquest "Chocolate" thus supports next-generation displays that will rival or even surpass the Digital Cinema systems used in many commercial movie theatres. 

Ethernet & ARC Enabled: AudioQuest's HDMI cable supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) which allows an HDMI-connected TV with a built-in tuner to send audio data "upstream" to a surround audio system, eliminating the need for a separate audio cable. The AudioQuest Chocolate HDMI cable also adds high-speed networking to its HDMI link, allowing you to take full advantage of your IP-enabled devices without a separate Ethernet cable.

Gold-Plated Connectors: The cable features gold-plated HDMI standard size (Type-A) connectors for maximum signal transfer.

Directionality: All AudioQuest HDMI cables are directional. The correct direction is determined by listening to every batch of metal conductors used in every AudioQuest HDMI cable. All signal conductors controlled for digital-audio direction in AudioQuest HDMI cables, and care is even taken to run the conductors used in the Audio Return Channel in the opposite direction to ensure the best performance for that application. Arrows are clearly marked on the connectors to ensure superior sound quality.

Our Take

AudioQuest is known for their superior build quality, and their 'Chocolate' HDMI cables are no exception. Great picture - richer, clearer and more detail than cheaper cables. Chocolate is constructed using premium materials throughout to maximise the crystal-clear picture and sound quality available from the latest high-definition digital sources. AudioQuest Chocolate is fully backward-compatible with earlier cables. Bit Error Rate testing ensures that every cable passes signals as accurately as possible. Mid to high end HDMI cables (like AudioQuest Chocolate) are absolutely essential, if you have invested in a good LED or 4K set or Projector. Sure they're not cheap, but pay the price, get them connected and you'll agree they're well worth foregoing something else discretionary. The bottom line: you'll enjoy exceptionally clear, noise-free video and audio.


Design: "High Speed with Ethernet" cable design.

Supports: HDMI version 1.4 - 2.0 features:

3D video @ 1080p/120Hz

4K Ultra High Definition video

Bi-directional Ethernet communication with compatible components.

ARC: Audio return channel for sending Dolby® Digital sound from an HDTV back to an A/V receiver.

Conductors: Solid-core, silver-plated copper conductors (silver layer is 2.5% of total conductor).

Insulation: Solid polyethylene insulation.

Jacket: Braided Black & Brown

Gold-plated contacts.

Length: 1.5 Metre.

Warranty: 5 years.

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice.

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